Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

Index by First Two Bars - Irish Tunes

Tune Type: Song

Key Incipit (first two bars) Title Tune Type No.
A |A,2 CD E2 AB|c2 BG A2 GF| Irish Rover song 17
Ador |A2 A2 A2|A2 B2 A2| Back Home in Derry song 78
Ador |A2 A2G2|E3D C A,| Mountain Streams, The song 29
Amix |C2 E4 DC|A,3 G, A,4| Dark Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair song 23
Ador |C2C6|z2DD D2C2| Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair song 22
A |E2 DD DD|C3 E EA| Newry Highwayman, The song 144
Am |E2A AAG|A2B c2 A| Paddy Works on the Railway song 142
A |E2C B,2C|A,A,2A,A,B,| Ploughboy, The song 33
A |E2EF ECA,A,|F2FE F2A2| Little Bag of Tailors, The song 59
Ador |E2G G2A|G2G E2D| Galway Races, The song 124
A |e>f e>A|f<g a2| Will Ye Go to Flanders song 34
Ador |EA AB|AG GA/A/| Brave Bold Donnelly song 13
Amix |G3 F G2|A4 E2| Lagan Streams song 5
Amix |G3 F G2|A4 E2| My Lagan Love song 5
Bdor |A2 F2 ED|E3 E FA| Green Fields of Canada song 2
Bm |B,3C D3E|F2GF B,3B,| Star of Donegal, The song 128
Bdor |B2 B3 A|B B3 c2| Derry Gaol song 1
Bdor |B2 B3 A|B B3 c2| Streets of Derry song 1
Bm |B2AF B2AF|E2F2 A,2B,C| Foggy Dew, The song 68
Bmix |E4 D2|E4 F2| Banks of Avonmore, The song 28
Bdor |E4D2|E4F2| Skibbereen song 69
Bdor |F4 F2|F2 E2 F2| Flower of Sweet Strabane, The song 89
C |A2 D6|D2 DE F2G2| Carrickfergus song 90
Cmix |C3DE2|F4G2| Wee Weaver, The song 41
C |G2 GA E2 DC|cc de G2 cd| Banks of the Roses song 134
C |G2 GA E2 DC|cc de G2 cd| On the Banks of Red Roses song 134
D |A,2A,B, DEFE|DB,B,2 DB,B,2| Love Will You Marry Me? song 56
D |A,2A,B, DEFE|DB,B,2 DB,B,2| Love Won't You Marry Me? song 56
Dmix |A,DDD DEFG|ABAF G3A| Roving Journeyman, The song 46
D |A/F/F F/F/A/A/|AF/F/ F2| Weile Waile song 49
Ddor |A2 AG|AD2 E/F/| Banks of the Lee, The song 92
Dm |A2 D2 D2 C2|F3 G A2 A2| High Germany song 11
Dmix |A2 d2 dc|A2 A2 GA| Thousands Are Sailing song 25
Ddor |A2 G2 A2|c2 A2 G2| Cod Liver Oil song 14
Dmix |A2A FED|c2c EFG| Ramblin' Irishman song 10
Ddor |A2A G2E D2D|A,2D D2E F2G| Rocky Road to Dublin, The song 55
Ddor |A2A2 D2D2|EFED C2C2| As I Roved Out song 77
Dm |A3 A B2 G2|A4 A2 F2| Paddy's Lamentation song 35
D |A3 A B3 A|A2 E4 EF| Merry Ploughboy, The song 73
D |A3 A B3 A|A2 E4 EF| Off to Dublin in the Green song 73
Dmix |A3 B c2|A4 D2| Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore song 37
Dmix |A3 F GA|GF D2 A,B,| Shores Of Lough Bran song 16
Dmix |A3 G F2|D D3 (3DEF| Emigrant's Farewell, The song 109
Ddor |A3 GFE|A,/D/ D3 Ac| James Connolly song 72
Dmix |A4 A2B2|c2A2 A2 EF| Sliabh Gallion Braes song 117
Dmix |A4 A2B2|c2A2 A2 EF| Slieve Gallen Braes song 117
Dmix |A4 B2|A3 F D2| Month of January, The song 130
Ddor |A4 D2|A4 A2| Spancil Hill song 82
Dmix |A4 G2|F2 D2 E2| Roll Me from the Wall song 42
Dmix |A4 G2|F2 D2 E2| Rolling from the Wall song 42
Dmix |A4A2|F2E2D2| Rambling Irishman song 9
D |AA AB|A F2 A| Kilgarry Mountain song 50
D |AA AB|A F2 A| Whiskey in the Jar song 50
D |AA DE|FG E2| King of Ballyhooley, The song 122
Ddor |AA GE/G/|GE/D/ CA/c/| Johnny is the Fairest Man song 19
D |AB A2|GE DC| I Know My Love song 123
D |AF Ad|d/d/B A<D| Billy O'Shea song 151
Dmix |B2 E2 ED|GA B2 AG| Green Grows the Laurel song 15
D |BA FD/D/|ED B,A,/B,/| Rare Old Mountain Dew song 95
Dm |C2 G3 G|A4 AA| Farewell to Whisky song 102
Dmix |D D3E2|F3E D2| Cot in the Corner, The song 30
Dmix |D2 A3 B|c2 BA GA| Fare Thee Well Lovely Mary song 120
D |d2 d2 dB|A2 F2 AF| Johnny, Lovely Johnny song 149
Dm |D2 D2 F2|GA GF D2| Lough Erne Shore song 6
Dmix |D2 DE FG|A/B/c B2 GA| Johnny, Lovely Johnny song 150
Dmix |D2 E2 G2|A3 B A2| Eighteen Years Old song 87
Dmix |D2 F2 GF D2|FG AB c2 BA| When a Man's in Love song 132
Dmix |D2 G2 GF|D4 FG| One Morning in May song 106
D |d3 e f2|e2 d2 c2| Welcome Paddy Home song 103
D |d3 e f2|e2 d2 c2| Welcome Poor Paddy Home song 103
D |D3E DB,A,2|A4 B2AB| Lowlands of Holland song 7
D |D4 B2|A4 B2| Lakes of Pontchartrain, The song 100
D |D4 E2 F2|G2 F2 D4| Peggy Gordon song 24
Dmix |D>E FG|AG FG| Here I Am amongst You song 47
D |dd cA|dd cA| Pretty Peg song 101
Ddor |dd/d/ de|d2 cA| Come Out Ye Black and Tans song 67
D |DD/E/ FE/D/|FA B2 AB| Two Sisters, The song 83
D |DDF2 A2AA|ABAF A2AF| Little Red Fox, The song 121
D |def edB|AFD FED| Frost is all over, The song 58
Dmix |F D3 E2|D4 DE| Parting Glass, The song 152
Dmix |F D3 E2|D4 DE| Parting Glass, The song 38
Ddor |F2 c2 DD|E2 D2 E2| Banks of Sullane, The song 93
Ddor |F2D2 D2C2 D4|F2D2 D2F2 EFG2| Cam Ye O'er frae France song 108
D |F2ED E2FA|B4 A2dA| Down by the Sally Gardens song 74
D |F2F F2F|E2D D2E| Seven Drunken Nights song 43
D |F3A GF ED|d3B A2 DE| Leaving of Liverpool song 140
D |F3F F2ED|FA3A3B| Bantry Girl's Lament song 8
Ddor |FE D/D/A/G/|FE D2| Raggle Taggle Gypsy, The song 98
D |FED B,DD B,DD|FED B,CD E2G| Fair of Bellaghy, The song 61
D |FED B,DD B,DD|FED B,CD E2G| Swaggering Jig, The song 61
Dmix |FED F2G|Add cAG| Cúnla song 94
D |FF ED|EA AB| Muirsheen Durkin song 143
D |FF FF|F<A AF| Rising of the Moon, The song 70
Dmix |G2 F2 GA|A4 GE| She Moved Through the Fair song 76
Em |B,2E E2F|G2F G2E| Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye song 66
Edor |B,3 C D2|E E3 FG| Hare's Lament song 3
Edor |B2 B4|B4 AB| Barbara Allen song 135
Edor |B2 E2 EF|ED B,2 B,C| Health to the Company song 4
Edor |B2 E3 F|G>E D2 EF| Maid of Coolmore, The song 31
Em |B2B c2A|B2B G2A| Barley Grain, The song 85
Edor |B3 AGB|A4 DE| Siúil a Rún song 96
Edor |B3 B2c|d3 d2B| Lark in the Morning, The song 113
Edor |BB EE/E/|FE De| P Stands for Paddy song 18
Edor |BBB E2E|BBB d2 B| Rollicking Boys around Tanderagee, The song 36
Em |BBBB EEEE|BBBB d3 d| Mary Mac song 105
Em |Be ed|B A2 A| Step It Out Mary song 147
Edor |E B3 AF/E/|D d3 dB| Emigrant's Farewell, The song 148
Edor |E B3 AF/E/|D d3 dB| Farewell to Old Ireland song 148
Edor |E B3 Bc|d B3 Bd| May Morning Dew, The song 27
Em |e e4 B|B d3 dB| Factory Girl, The song 110
Edor |E2 B2 B2|B2 A2 F2| Little Drummer, The song 114
Edor |E2B B2d|B3 B3| Road to Clady, The song 104
Edor |E2D E2F|E2D D2F| Knickers of Corduroy song 112
Edor |E2E E2D|B,2C D3| Follow Me Up to Carlow song 54
Em |E2F G2F|E2D B,2D| Hot Asphalt song 80
Emix |E2F2 E3F|EDB,2 D2E2| As I Roved Out (on a Bright May Morning) song 119
Edor |E4 E2D2|E2F2 G2E2| What Put the Blood on Your Right Shoulder Son? song 118
Edor |E4 E2|B4 AB| Van Diemen's Land song 21
Em |E>E EF|ED De/e/| Queen of All Argyll, The song 116
Edor |E>E GA|BE E F/E/| Johnnie Cope song 126
Edor |E>F E2 EF|AB de ed| There Was A Maid In Her Father's Garden song 91
Em |E>F ED|B,2 GG| Ye Jacobites by Name song 52
Edor |E>GF EDE|G>AB e2 e| Limerick Rake, The song 141
Em |EE ED/E/|GG AG/A/| Star of the County Down song 26
Em |G2 E2 EE DE|G2 G2 A2 GA| Parting Glass, The song 39
Edor |G2 E2 G2 AB|d6 AB| A Blacksmith Courted Me song 131
Edor |G2 E2 G2 AB|d6 AB| Blacksmith, The song 131
Edor |G2E F2D|E2F G2A| Recruiting Sergeant, The song 62
Edor |GE GA|B>A G2| Haughs o' Cromdale, The song 127
F |c3 c c2|A2 B2 c2| Black Velvet Band song 12
F |F3 G F2|F2 C2 D2| Arthur McBride song 81
F |FFF F2F|D2C C2 D| Tippin' It Up to Nancy song 20
Gdor |B2 B4|A4 F2| Flower of Magherally, The song 75
G |B2 B>A|GE E>E| Rattling Bog, The song 84
G |B2B DDE|G2A B2G| Gentleman Soldier, The song 97
G |B4 G2|A3G ED| Rocks of Bawn song 40
G |B4B A/A/ GE|D4D D GF| Water Is Wide, The song 133
G |B8|B2 G>A B2 G2| Dirty Old Town song 64
G |B>A B/A/G|E2 DE| Sam Hall song 99
G |BB BB GD|GG G2 FG| Jug of Punch, The song 86
G |c2cc BBdB|AAAB AGEF| Molly Brannigan song 60
G |c2cc BBdB|AAAB AGEF| Pretty Molly Brannigan song 60
G |c2cc BBdB|AAAB AGEF| Purty Molly Brannigan song 60
G |D2 G2 G2|G3 F G2| Maids When You're Young song 137
G |D2 G2 G2|G3 F G2| Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man song 137
G |d2d G2B|ddd dcB| Salonika song 145
G |D2DE G2G2|AGAB d2eB| Rambling Irishman song 88
G |D3D G2A2|B6 B2| Fields of Athenry, The song 65
G |D4 DD|G4 GF| Green Fields of France, The song 63
G |D4 E2 DB,|D3E G2 AB| Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie song 32
G |D4 E2 DB,|D3E G2 AB| How Can I Live On the Top of a Mountain song 32
G |D>D DE|GA B2| Mairi's Wedding song 45
G |D>D DE|GA B2| Marie's Wedding song 45
G |DG B>B|cB B>c| I'll Tell Me Ma song 48
G |DG GG|GB BB| General Guinness song 53
G |DGG GAG|FEF DDB| Leg of the Duck, The song 57
G |G2 D2 B,2 D2|G2 A2 B2 G2| Dicey Reilly song 79
G |G2 D2 B,2 D2|G2 A2 B2 G2| Dicey Riley song 79
Gmix |G2 FE|D2 DD| I Will Go song 125
G |G2 G2 AG|GE D4| Bonny Light Horseman, The song 71
G |G2 G2 AG|GE D4| Broken-Hearted I'll Wander song 71
G |G2 G2 G2|G B3 GG| Cockels and Mussels song 146
G |G2 G2 G2|G B3 GG| Molly Malone song 146
G |G2 G2 G2|G2 D2 G2| Maids When You're Young song 138
G |G2 G2 G2|G2 D2 G2| Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man song 138
G |G2A B2B|D2E G2B| Bricklayer's Song, The song 44
G |G2A B2B|D2E G2B| Sick Note, The song 44
G |G2G A2A|A2G G2d| Rambling Rover, The song 107
G |G2G G2A|B2B B2A| Home Boys Home song 129
G |G3 A B2|c2 B2 A2| Fiddler's Green song 111
G |G3 A G2|E2 D2 B2| Wild Rover, The song 51
G |G3 B2A|G3 G2F| All for Me Grog song 139
G |G>G G2 D2|EE E2 DG| I'm a Rover song 136
Gm |GAFD G3A|BGFD B,4| Parcel of Rogues song 115