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T:I Wish My Love Was A Red, Red Rose
D:Mick Hanly: As I Went over Blackwater
D:Altan: Runaway Sunday
D/C/ | B,>D GB AA DE/E/ | F(E/F/) GG G3
d | d>c Bd c>A B>A | G>A BG D3
d | d>c Bd c>A B>A | G>A BG D3
D/C/ | B,>D GB AA D>E | F(E/F/) GG G3 ||
W:I wish my love was a red, red rose growing in yon garden fair,
W:And I to be the gardener, of her I would take care.
W:There's not a month throughout the year, but my love I'd renew,
W:I'd garnish her with flowers fine, sweet William, Thyme and Rue.
W:I wish I was a butterfly, I'd light on my love's breast.
W:And if I was a blue cuckoo, I'd sing my love to rest.
W:And if I was a nightingale, I'd sing the daylight clear.
W:I'd sit and sing for you, Molly, for once I loved you dear.
W:I wish I was in Dublin town and seated on the grass,
W:In my right hand, a jug of punch, and on my knee, a lass.
W:I'd call for liquor freely and I'd pay before I'd go.
W:I'd roll my Molly in my arms, let the wind blow high or low.

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