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21 May 2017: Set Scale and Width for Sheet Music

I've now made it possible to change the scale and width when displaying sheet music for tunes, so that it fits your screen and your needs. Try it here:
The display page also initially somewhat adapts to the width of your screen. For small screens (e.g. mobile phones) the width and scale are reduced.

19 May 2017: Corrected Random Tune

The "Random tune" feature could sometimes crash and not produce a tune. This is now corrected.

7 May 2017: Corrected Chord Display

I've now corrected the display of chords for tunes, so that chords containing sharp or flat signs are displayed correctly.

Most of the tunes with chords are in the category "other tunes".

3 May 2017: Added "Other Tunes"

Now I've added 72 "other tunes", i.e. tunes which are not in the categories "Irish and related" or "Swedish and related".

From Brittany: 4 an dro, 7 ridées, 5 ronds
From France: 6 bourrées, 6 valse musette
From Romania: 5 horas
From Serbia: 4 kolos
From Bulgaria: 3 kopanitsas, 5 rachenitsa, 1 smeseno horo
From Peru and Bolivia: 17 wayñu
And 9 miscellaneous tunes

You can find them here: http://norbeck.nu/abc/index2.asp?cat=m

29 Apr 2017: Get Random Tune

Now you can get a random tune from the collection.
Available in the menu.
Try it here: http://norbeck.nu/abc/random.asp

23 Apr 2017: Updated Collection: 5 New Tunes

I've added five new tunes to the collection, and made updates to nine other tunes.
New feature: You can see which tunes I've added and updated.

22 Apr 2017: Indexed Approximate Text Search Made Easy and Fast

I've now posted a detailed description here of the approximate search algorithm used on this site. You can find it here: http://norbeck.nu/abc/FuzzySearch.asp

12 Apr 2017: Approximate Search!

Now I've finally implemented approximate search (also called fuzzy search) in my ABC collection!! So even if you don't know exactly how a tune title is spelled, you can find the tune.
Try it here: http://norbeck.nu/abc/search.asp

29 Mar 2017: Redesigned ABC Pages

I've now redesigned the web pages for Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes, so that they work better on mobile phones.

20 Mar 2017: Clickable Links for References in Tunes

I've now made clickable links to tunes referenced in the H: field of the tune, so it's easier to display them directly.
See for example this tune:

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