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T:Maid of Coolmore, The
({Bc}B)A | B2 E3 F | (G>E) D2 (EF) | G2 A2 ({FA}F2) | E4
DE | G2 A2 B2 | (e2{fe}d2) e d | (B{cB}A) G2 d2 | B4
EF | G2 A2 B2 | (e2{fe}d2) de | (B{cB}A) G2 d2 | B4
({Bc}B)A | B2 (E{FE}D) EF | (G>E) D2 EF | G2 A2 ({FA}F2) | E4 ||
W:Leaving sweet lovely Derry for fair London town,
W:There is no finer harbour all around can be found,
W:Where the youngsters each evening go down to the shore,
W:And the joybells are ringin' for the maid of Coolmore.
W:The first time I saw my love she passed me by,
W:And the next time I saw her she bid me goodbye,
W:And the last time I saw her she grieved my heart sore,
W:For she sailed down Loch Foyle and away from Coolmore.
W:If I had the power the storms for to rise,
W:I would make the wind blow and I'd darken the skies,
W:I would make the wind blow high and the salt seas to roar,
W:To the day that my darling sailed away from Coolmore.
W:To the back parts of Americay my love I'll go see,
W:And it's there I'll know no-one and no-one knows me,
W:And if I don't find her I'll return home no more,
W:Like a pilgrim I'll wander for the maid of Coolmore.

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