Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Maid of Coolmore, The

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Leaving sweet lovely Derry for fair London town,
There is no finer harbour all around can be found,
Where the youngsters each evening go down to the shore,
And the joybells are ringin' for the maid of Coolmore.

The first time I saw my love she passed me by,
And the next time I saw her she bid me goodbye,
And the last time I saw her she grieved my heart sore,
For she sailed down Loch Foyle and away from Coolmore.

If I had the power the storms for to rise,
I would make the wind blow and I'd darken the skies,
I would make the wind blow high and the salt seas to roar,
To the day that my darling sailed away from Coolmore.

To the back parts of Americay my love I'll go see,
And it's there I'll know no-one and no-one knows me,
And if I don't find her I'll return home no more,
Like a pilgrim I'll wander for the maid of Coolmore.

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