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Bonnie Blue Eyed Lassie

How Can I Live On the Top of a Mountain
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How can I live on the top of a mountain,
without gold in my pockets or the money for the counting,
But I would let the money go, all for to please her fancy,
For I will have no-one but my bonny blue eyed lassie.

My bonnie blue eyed lassie with her fair heart so tender,
Her red rosy cheeks, and her waist so neat and slender,
I'd roll her in my arms, and fondly I'd embrace her,
But how can I love her, when all my people hate her.

Some say that she is so very low in station,
And more say that she'll be the cause of my ruination,
But let them all say as they will, to her I will prove constant still,
To the day that I die she'll be my darling girl, believe me.

Softly swim the swans o'er the broad streams of Youghal,
And lightly sings the nightingale all for to behold her,
In cold frost and snow, the moon shines so brightly,
But deeper by far between me and my true lover.

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