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T:Lowlands of Holland
H:This song is not about Holland, but about Dutch Guyana (Surinam)
D:Dolores Keane
D:The Dubliners
D:Paddy Tunney
A,B, | D3E (DB,)A,2 | A4 B2(AB) | (FE)D2 E2(DA,) | B,6
(A,B,) | D3E (DB,)A,2 | A4 B2(AB) | (FE)D2 E3D | D6
FA | A2(FE) D2(FA) | B2B,2 D2(FA) | (GF)E2 (FE)(DA,) | B,6
AB | B2(AB) d2(BA) | F2d2 (FE)(DF) | (ED)(B,A,) D3D | D6 ||
W:On the night that I was married and on my marriage bed
W:Up came a bold sea captain and stood at my bedhead
W:Saying, arise, arise young wedded man and come along with me,
W:To the low low lands of Holland to fight the enemy.
W:Now then Holland is a lovely land, and on it grows fine grain
W:Sure it is a place of residence for a soldier to remain
W:Where the sugar cane is plentiful and the tea grows on each tree
W:I never had the but one sweetheart, and now he's far far away from me.
W:Says the mother to the daughter: give o'er your sore lament
W:For there's men enough in Galway for to be your heart's content.
W:If there's men enough in Galway, alas there are none for me
W:Since these high winds and stormy seas have come between my love and me.
W:I will wear no swaithe around my waist, no combs all in my hair
W:No handkerchief around my neck for to save my beauty fair
W:And never will I marry until the day I die
W:Since the low low lands of Holland have come between my love and I.

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