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T:One Morning in May
H:Free rhythm
D:Lá Lugh (Eithne Ní Uallacháin)
D2 | D2 G2 (GF) | D4 FG | A2 (AG) FG | A4
FG | A2 (AB) ^c2 | d2 D2 DE | F2 (GF) D2 | C4
DE | F2 E2 D2 | d4 fd | (cA) (FG) (AB) | c4
FG | A2 G2 A2 | (GF) D2 (FG) | A2 (CD) E2 | D4 ||
W:One morning in May, as I carelessly did stray,
W:to view the green meadows, and the lambs sport and play.
W:In the clear morning dew, as I sat down to muse,
W:a fair maiden of honour appeared in my view.
W:I said: Pretty maid, how happy we could be,
W:for it is so ordained love, that married we should be.
W:Let me not see you frown, for this heart is your own.
W:When these words they were spoken, sure the tears trickled down.
W:Come dry up your tears, there is nothing to fear,
W:I have roamed through the green fields for many's the long year.
W:While the birds sang so sweet, this young man proved his deceit,
W:saying: Adieu pretty fair maid, we shall never more meet.
W:With my snuff box and cane, sure the whole world I would range,
W:like Venus or Diana in search of her swain,
W:while the moon does shine clear, I will mourn for my dear,
W:over mountains, clear fountains, where no one shall hear.
W:There is one thing I know, and that before I go,
W:I will never return for to hear your sad woe.
W:And there's another thing I know, and that before I go,
W:that the ranger and the stranger have as many's the foe.

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