Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

One Morning in May

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One morning in May, as I carelessly did stray,
to view the green meadows, and the lambs sport and play.
In the clear morning dew, as I sat down to muse,
a fair maiden of honour appeared in my view.

I said: Pretty maid, how happy we could be,
for it is so ordained love, that married we should be.
Let me not see you frown, for this heart is your own.
When these words they were spoken, sure the tears trickled down.

Come dry up your tears, there is nothing to fear,
I have roamed through the green fields for many's the long year.
While the birds sang so sweet, this young man proved his deceit,
saying: Adieu pretty fair maid, we shall never more meet.

With my snuff box and cane, sure the whole world I would range,
like Venus or Diana in search of her swain,
while the moon does shine clear, I will mourn for my dear,
over mountains, clear fountains, where no one shall hear.

There is one thing I know, and that before I go,
I will never return for to hear your sad woe.
And there's another thing I know, and that before I go,
that the ranger and the stranger have as many's the foe.

Discography: Lá Lugh (Eithne Ní Uallacháin)

History: Free rhythm

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