Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Mary Mac

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Well, I know a pretty lassie and her name is Mary Mac,
and make no mistake, she's the lass I'm going to take.
There's lots of other men would like to get upon her track,
but if they do, they'll have to get up early.

Mary Mac's mother's making Mary Mac marry me,
and my mother's making me marry Mary Mac.
If I'm going to marry Mary, Mary will take care of me.
We'll all be making merry when I marry Mary Mac.

Well, the wedding's on a Wednesday and everything's arranged.
Her name will soon be changed to mine, if her mind's not changed.
We're making the arrangements and I'm just about deranged
'cause marriage is an aweful undertaking.


Well, it's going to be a grand affair, grander than a fair.
There's bound to be a lot of punters there to get their share.
There's bound to be a horse and cart for every pair that's there,
and if there's not I'm very much mistaken.


Well, Mary and her mother spend a lot of time together,
and you very seldom see them, the one without the other.
The lads they often wonder if it's Mary or her mother
or both of them together that I'm courting.


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