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T:Star of Donegal, The
B,2 | B,3C D3E | F2(GF) B,3B, | B2B2 (BA)(FE) | F6
(B,C) | D2E2 F2 (dc) | B2B2 (BA2)F | (FG)(FE) D2C2 | B,6
(B,C) | D2E2 F2 (dc) | B2B2 (BA2)F/F/ | A2A2 B2FE | F6
B,C | D2E2 F2 (dc) | B2B2 (BA2)F | (FG)(FE) D2C2 | B,6 ||
W:One evening fair to take the air alone I chanced to stray
W:down by a limpid silver stream that flows beside the way,
W:I overheard two lovers talking by an ancient ruined hall,
W:and the fair one's name was Mary Jane, the Star of Donegal.
W:My sweet fair maid, the youth did say, at home I cannot stay.
W:To California's gold fields I'm bound to cross the sea,
W:to accumulate a fortune great, and build a splendid hall,
W:to decorate and cultivate the land of Donegal.
W:So she blushed and sighed and then replied, it grieves my heart full sore,
W:To think you are compelled to go and leave the Shamrock shore,
W:Here is my faithful promise that I'll wed with none at all,
W:But I'll stay at home and will not roam away from Donegal.
W:So he held her in his arms and said, my darling well you know
W:I love you very dearly and loth I am to go,
W:Let us get wed without fear or dread, that puts an end to all,
W:And then I'll have my darling girl, the Star of Donegal.
W:So she gave consent and off they went to meet with Father Hugh
W:Who joined their hands in wedlock bands and bade them both adieu.
W:From Derry quay they sailed away and bade farewell to all
W:And now they're in Americay, far away from Donegal.

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