Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Star of Donegal, The

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One evening fair to take the air alone I chanced to stray
down by a limpid silver stream that flows beside the way,
I overheard two lovers talking by an ancient ruined hall,
and the fair one's name was Mary Jane, the Star of Donegal.

My sweet fair maid, the youth did say, at home I cannot stay.
To California's gold fields I'm bound to cross the sea,
to accumulate a fortune great, and build a splendid hall,
to decorate and cultivate the land of Donegal.

So she blushed and sighed and then replied, it grieves my heart full sore,
To think you are compelled to go and leave the Shamrock shore,
Here is my faithful promise that I'll wed with none at all,
But I'll stay at home and will not roam away from Donegal.

So he held her in his arms and said, my darling well you know
I love you very dearly and loth I am to go,
Let us get wed without fear or dread, that puts an end to all,
And then I'll have my darling girl, the Star of Donegal.

So she gave consent and off they went to meet with Father Hugh
Who joined their hands in wedlock bands and bade them both adieu.
From Derry quay they sailed away and bade farewell to all
And now they're in Americay, far away from Donegal.

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