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Health to the Company

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My friends and companions, come join me in rhyme
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine
Come lift up your voices, all grief to refrain
For we may or might never all meet here again

So here's a health to the company and one to my lass
Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass
Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may and might never all meet here again

Here's a health to the wee lass that I love so well
For her beauty in Ireland, there is none can excel
There's a smile upon her countenance as she sits upon my knee
Sure there's is no one in in this wide world as happy as me


Our ship lies at anchor, she is ready to dock
I wish her safe landing without any shock
and if ever I should meet you by land or by sea
I will always remember your kindness to me


Discography: The Chieftains
The High Kings

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