Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Hare's Lament

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On the first of November, on a bright autumn day
To the hills of Dromeen I chanced for to stray
I was feeding on green grass, that grows on yon ground
When my heart was set a-beating by the crying of the hounds

Mush-a rang tally-ho, hark ye over hi-dee ho
Hark ye over cries the huntsman, hark ye over hi ho

They hunted me up, and they hunted me down
The bold huntsmen of Stiahan, on my trail sent the hounds
Over highlands and lowlands, moorlands also,
Over hedges and ditches, like the wind I did go.


There was ringwood and roses, they gave me a close brush
It was then they found me hiding, it was in a rush bush
For better or worse, I know I must die,
But I do my endeavour, these hounds to defy


Then up stands the huntsman, to end all my strife
Sayin' lay the hare down, give her plea for her life
Wouldnt it be for better, you killed rather the fox
Who ate all your chickens, fat hen and gay cock?


And now I must die, and I know not the crime
For the value of sixpence, I ne'er harmed mankind
I ne'er was brought up for to rob or to steal
Except for the crabbin' some tops of green kale


Discography: Len Graham

History: Slow, free rhythm

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