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My Lagan Love

Lagan Streams
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Where Lagan streams sing lullabies
There grows a lily fair
The twilight is in her eye
The night is on her hair
And like a lovesick lennashee
She has my heart in thrall
No life have I nor liberty
For love is lord of all.

Her father sails a running-barge
'Twixt Leamh-beag and The Druim,
And on the lonely river-marge
She clears his hearth for him.
When she was only fairy-high
Her gentle mother died,
But dew-love keeps her memory
Green on the Lagan side.

And often when the beetle's horn
Has lulled this eve to sleep
I'll steal into her shieling lorn
And through the doorway creep.
There on the cricket's singing stone,
She makes the bogwood fire,
And hums in soft sweet undertone
The songs of heart's desire

Her welcome, like her love for me,
Is from her heart within:
Her warm kiss is felicity
That knows no taint of sin.
And, when I stir my foot to go,
'Tis leaving love and light
To feel the wind of longing blow
From out the dark of night.

Comp: lyrics by Joseph Campbell (1879-1944)

Discography: Margaret Barry
Finbar & Eddie Furey
Sinéad O'Connor

History: Joseph Campbell AKA Seosamh MacCathmhaoil AKA Joseph McCahill

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