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Flower of Sweet Strabane, The

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If I was King of Erin's isle, had all things at my will
I would roam throughout creation, new comforts to find still
And the comfort I would seek the most, you well might understand
Would be to gain lovely Martha, the flower of sweet Strabane

Her cheeks they are like the roses red, and her eyes are a lovely brown
And over her lily-white shoulders, her hair comes tumbling down
She is one of the fairest creatures, and famous is her clan
And my heart is fairly captured by the flower of sweet Strabane

And if I had you Martha, way down in Inishowen
Or in some lonesome valley in the wild woods of Tyrone
I would use my whole endeavour, I would strive to work my plan
For to gain my prize and feast my eyes on the flower of sweet Strabane

Discography: Paddy Tunney
De Dannan (Johnny Moynihan)

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