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Rambling Irishman

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I am a rambling Irishman, in Ulster I was bor-n
And many's the happy hour I spent on the banks of sweet Lough Erne
But to live poor I could not endure like others of my station
To Amerikay I sailed away and left this Irish nation

Right tan-tin-a-na, tan-tin-a-na
Right tan-tin-a-noor-ah-na-nandy

The night before I sailed away, I spent it with my darling
From three o'clock in the afternoon 'til the break of day next morning
But when that we were going to part, we linked in each others' arms
And you may be sure, and very sure, it wounded both our charms


The very first night I slept on board I dreamt about my Nancy
I dreamt I held her in my arms, and well she pleased my fancy
But when I awoke out of my dream and found my bosom empty
Well, you may be sure, and very sure, that I lay discontented


When we arrived at the other side we were both stout and healthy
We cast our anchor in the bay going down to Philadelphey
So let every lad link with his lass, blue jacket and white trousers
And let every lass link with her lad, blue petticoats and white flounces


Discography: De Dannan (Dolores Keane)
Arcady (Niamh Parsons)

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