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Banks of Avonmore, The

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The silvery moon was shining bright over Clara's woodland green.
A tender youth was standing where his own true love had been.
The teardrops from her throbbing eyes across his cheeks streamed o'er,
for they met at night to say goodbye by the banks of Avonmore.

'Twas not the rustling of the leaves on the branches wild and weird,
'twas not the sighing western wind that crept through Clara dale,
that made her tender heart mourn for the boy she did adore,
for she knew right well he'd ne'er return to the banks of Avonmore.

Well he clasped her close unto his breast and he murmured sweet and true:
Tonight my ship sails for the West but my love I leave with you,
and I will pray both night and day, though on a foreign shore,
for to keep your love far, far away, on the banks of Avonmore.

Now the scene has changed, and England's sons at Flanders stand at bay.
mid crushing steel and thundering guns their allied ranks gave way
from the USA a proud convoy sped quickly to the fore
and in their ranks a Wicklow boy from the banks of Avonmore.

Across the shell-torn fields of France the Prussian lines gave way.
They tried to quell the wild advance of the exile sons of Erin.
Victorious true but deadly few the stars and stripes shone over,
but her true love fell far, far away from the banks of Avonmore.

Now a few short years have come and gone, and again the moon shines clear,
No more this fair maid walks alone to shed a silent tear,
but faithful to her soldier boy they've met to part no more
in a brighter land far, far from the banks of Avonmore.

History: Slow, free rhythm

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