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May Morning Dew, The

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How pleasant in winter to sit by the hob
listening to the barks and the howls of a dog
Or in summer to wander the wide valleys through
And to pluck the wild flowers in the May morning dew.

Oh, Summer is coming, Oh, Summer is here
With the leaves on the trees and the skies blue and clear
And the small birds are singing their fond notes so true
And the flowers they are springing in the May morning dew.

The house I was reared in is but a stone on a stone
And all round the garden wild thistles have grown
And all the fine neighbours that ever I knew
Like the red rose they withered in the May morning dew.

God be with the old folks, who are all dead and gone
And likewise my two brothers, young Denis and John
As we ran through the heather, the wild hare to pursue
As their joys they were mingled in the May morning dew

Discography: Dolores Keane

History: Slow, free rhythm

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