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There's a Path across the Ocean

Path across the Ocean
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There's a path across the ocean, there's a track across the sea
There are green sunny lands in some foreign count-e-ry
I left my native Irish home and sailed across the sea
But when weary I'll return, to my own count-e-ry

Why did I leave my home, or why did I cross the deep
Why did I leave the land where my forefathers sleep
I sigh for Erin's shore as I gaze across the sea
Will I ever get a glance lovely Erin of thee?

I hear no Sabbath bell to awake the Sunday morn
I hear no reaper singing among the yellow corn
But I hear the tyrant's voice and the wail of slavery
Still I hear the linnet singing in my own country

There's a sigh for every woe, there's a balm for every pain
Still my heart is nearly broken sore till I return again
To my own dear native Ireland where I was bred and born
Then I'll hear the linnet singing among the yellow corn

Comp: Original words by Robert Gilfinnan (1798-1850), Scotland

Discography: Barry Gleeson

History: Originates from the Scottish song "Oh Why Left I My Hame?".
Second verse also used as chorus.

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