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Botany Bay

Shores of Botany Bay, The
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Farewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies
Farewell to your gangways and gangplanks, and to hell with your overtime,
For the good ship Ragamuffin, is lying at the quay
For to take oul' Pat with a shovel on his back to the shores of Botany Bay.

I'm on my way down to the quay, where the good ship lies in bay
To command a gang of navvys, I was ordered to engage
I thought I'd stop in for a while before I went away
For to take a trip on an emigrant ship to the shores of Botany Bay


The boss came up this morning, he says "Well, Pat you know
If you don't mix that mortar fast, I'm afraid you'll have to go"
So I asked him for my wages and demanded all my pay
For I told him straight, I'm going to emigrate to the shores of Botany Bay


And when I reach Australia I'll go and look for gold
There's plenty there for the digging, or so I have been told
Or else I'll go back to my trade and a hundred bricks I'll lay
On an eight hour day and an eight bob pay on the shores of Botany Bay


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