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Devil and the Farmer's Wife, The

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I once knew a family living near Hell
Die diedle dee diedle dee die.
If they're not gone away, they're living there still
with me wack fol-lay, fol-lickety fol-de-dol-day.

The Devil, he came to the man at the plough
Sayin' "one of your family I must take away now"

"Oh no!" says the farmer, "I am undone
You've surely come for my eldest son"

"Oh no!" says the Devil "I've come for your wife
I hear she's the plague and torment in your life"

So the Devil, he's hoisted her up on his hump
And down to Hell with her he did jump.

He carried her on 'til they came to Hell's wall
And there she did stutter and stammer and bawl

And he carried her on 'til they came to Hell's hill
She cried as much tears as would turn a mill

There were two little devils a-playin' with chains
She off with a shoe and she knocked out their brains

There were two other devils a-playin' head-ball
Sayin' "take her away daddy, she'll murder us all"

So the Devil he's hoisted her up on his hump
And back to Earth with her he did jump.

They were nine days goin' and one comin' back
His head did ache and his spine did crack.

"Good Sir" says the Devil "Your wife safe and well
"For she wouldn't be kept, not even in Hell"

"Now I've been a devil most of my life
But I ne'er was in Hell 'til I met with your wife"

Some say that the women are better than men
For they went to Hell and they came out again

Discography: Connie Dover

History: See also #182, #183

See also song #182, song #183

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