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Farmer's Cursed Wife, The

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I knew an old couple that lived near Hell
[whistle] dee diddle dee diddle dee die.
If they're not gone away, they're living there still
with me wick fol-lay, fol-lickety fol-de-dol-dee.

And the Devil, he came to the man at the plough
Sayin' "one of your family I'll take away now"

Now which of my family do you like best?
It's your old scolding wife, it's her I like best

And the Divil, he hoisted her up on his back
For that you and herself may never come back.

And he carried her onto a heap of stones
He left her down there and he jumped on her bones

And he carried her on 'til he came to Coote Hill
She cried as much there as would turn a mill

He carried her on 'til he came to Hell's wall
She lifted a hatchet and murdered them all

And some of the divils went up on the wall
Sayin' "take her home daddy, she'll battum us all"

They were nine days goin' and one comin' back
She called for the scrape and she left him the pot.

Discography: Seamus Ennis

History: See also #183, #184

See also song #183, song #184

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