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Factory Girl, The

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As I was a-walking one fine summer's morning,
The birds on the bushes did warble and sing,
Gay laddies and lasses, and couples were sporting,
Going down to the factory their work to begin.

I spied one amongst them more fairer than any,
Her cheeks like the red rose that none could excel,
Her skin like the lily that grows in yon valley,
And she was the hard working factory girl.

I stepped up beside her to view her more closely,
When on me she cast such a look of disdain.
"Oh, young man, have manners and do not come near me,
For although I'm a poor girl I think it no shame."

"It's not for to scorn you, fair maid I adore you,
But grant me one favour, say where do you dwell?"
"Kind Sir, you'll excuse me, for now I must leave you,
For yonder's the sound of my factory bell."

"I have land I have houses, I adorned them with ivory,
I have gold in my pockets and silver as well,
And if you'll come with me, it's a lady I'll make you,
And no more may you heed yon factory bell."

With these words she turned and with that she had left me,
And all for her sake I'll go wander away,
And in some deep valley, where no one shall know me,
I shall mourn for the sake of my factory girl.

Discography: Bothy Band: Out of the Wind, into the sun

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