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Emigrant's Farewell, The

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Our ship she's ready to sail away,
and it's come my sweet comrades, o'er the stormy seas.
Her snow-white wings are all unfurled,
and soon shall swim in a watery world.

Don't forget love, do not grieve,
for my heart is true and cannot deceive.
My hand and heart, I will give to thee
so farewell my love and remember me.

Farewell sweet Dublin's hills and braes
to Killiney mountain's silvery streams,
Where's many the fine long summer's day
we loitered hours of joy away.


It's now I must bid a long adieu
to Wicklow and its beauties too
Avoca's vales where lovers meet
There to discourse in accents sweet


Farewell sweet Delgany, likewise the glen
the Dargle waterfall and then
the lovely scene surrounding Bray
shall be my thoughts when far away.


Discography: Lá Lugh (Eithne Ní Uallacháin)

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