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See also reel #643, reel #644, reel #646, reel #740, reel #887

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T:Mason's Apron, The
H:A seven-part version. See also #643, #644, #646, #740, #887
eg|:aA~A2 cBAF|EFAB cABc|dB~B2 dcBA|Bcde fefg|
aA~A2 cBAF|EFAB cABc|dcde fgaf|1 ecBc A2eg:|2 ecBc A2AB||
|:c2ec fcec|c2ec fcec|d2fd gdfd|d2fd gfed|
c2ec fcec|c2ec fcec|dcde fgaf|1 ecBc A2AB:|2 ecBc A2AB||
|:c2ac bcac|c2ac bcac|d2bd c'dbd|d2bd c'dbd|
c2ac bcac|ceac' bafe|dcde fgaf|1 ecBc A2AB:|2 ecBc A2eg||
|:aefe aefe|a2ga fefa|bf~f2 bfga|b2fb gefg|
aefe aefe|aefa fece|~a3f ecAc|1 BABc A2eg:|2 BABc A2AB||
|:c2Ac eAce|AceA ceA2|d2Ad fAdf|AdfA dfA2|
c2Ac eAce|AceA ceAc|dcde f2af|1 ecBc A2AB:|2 ecBc A2z2||
|:ac'ea c'eac'|bd'fb d'fbd'|ac'ea c'aba|gbeg befg|
ac'ea c'eac'|bd'fb d'fbd'|ac'ea c'aba|1 gefg a2z2:|2 gefg a2eg||
|:~a3e cBAF|EFAB cABc|dBcd ecde|fdef gefg|
[1 ~a3e cBAF|EFAB cABc|dcde fgaf|ecBc A2eg:|
[2 (3aba (3gag (3fgf (3efe|(3ded (3cdc (3BcB (3ABA|
(3GAG (3FGF (3EFE (3DED|(3CDC (3B,CB, A,2||

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