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See also reel #644, reel #645, reel #646, reel #887, reel #740

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T:Mason's Apron, The
H:This is the standard two-part version, with some variations.
H:See also #644, #645, #646, #887
H:This version is sometimes also played in G, see #740
eg|:aA~A2 cBAF|EFAB cABc|dB~B2 BcBA|Bcde fefg|
aA~A2 cBAF|EFAB cABc|dcde fgaf|1 ecBc A2eg:|2 ecBc A2AB||
|:c2ec fcec|c2ec fcec|d2fd gdfd|d2fd gfed|
c2ec fcec|c2ec fedc|dcde fgaf|1 ecBc A2AB:|2 ecBc A2||
eg|:aA~A2 ABAF|EFAB cABc|dB~B2 dcBA|GABc defg|
aA~A2 ABAF|EFAB c2BA|Bcde fgaf|edcB A2eg|
aA~A2 ABAF|EFAB cABc|dB~B2 dcBA|Bcde fefg|
aA~A2 ABAF|EFAB cABc|dcBc dfaf|edcB A2AB||
cAeA fAeA|cAeA fedc|dBfB gBfB|dBfB gfed|
cAeA fAeA|cAeA fedc|Bcde fgaf|edcB A2AB|
c2ec fcec|c2ec fedc|=c2ec fcec|=c2ec fcec|
c2ec fcec|c2ec fedc|dcBc dfaf|ecBc A2||

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