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Computer Programming

Since 2008 I work at Softronic as a software developer.

ABC I've made a Windows program (in Visual C++) which I sell as shareware, called AbcMus, to play and handle tunes in ABC format. This program also contains an automatic chord setting function. Future versions will also include printing of sheet music.

I used to work for RFoD and Statens musiksamlingar on various web projects.

Before I started working for RFoD, I worked many years as a programmer at KEBO Computer Applications AB making programs for blood banks and laboratories, using C++ and Visual Basic. I also made Windows help files and manuals using Doc2Help.

... and before I worked at KEBO, I worked for Nokia (and Luxor Datorer) making programs in C for DOS and UNIX, and writing manuals for computers and computer programs.

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