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29 Mar 2017: Redesigned ABC Pages

I've now redesigned the web pages for Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes, so that they work better on mobile phones.

20 Mar 2017: Clickable Links for References in Tunes

I've now made clickable links to tunes referenced in the H: field of the tune, so it's easier to display them directly.
See for example this tune:

16 Mar 2017: Tune Collection Updated

I've just updated the tune collection with some new tunes (most of them songs), some corrections, additional information and variations, and also a bunch of adjustments that will make it possible to add new features to the page. Look out for coming updates with new features!
And hope you all have a good Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow!

26 Jan 2017: Get Only ABC For Tune

I added a feature to get only the ABC for a tune as plain text, so you can load it into your favourite ABC app or program. Just click "Get ABC for this tune" under the sheet music for a tune.

27 Dec 2016: Lyrics Search

Since I now have 132 songs in the database, I've introduced the option to SEARCH LYRICS (not only title or first two bars).

26 Dec 2016: My ABC Collection More than 20 Years Old

It's more than 20 years since I put the first version of my ABC tune collection on the web.
Before that, I had transcribed all tunes I had learnt on paper and also experimented a bit with an ABC-like computerised format for music notation.
When I got an Internet connection in 1995 I discovered the ABC format and started inputting my tune collection on the computer. And in August 1996 I launched the first version of my ABC collection on the web. It then contained only the hornpipes, jigs, polkas and slip jigs. I continued to input tunes and in June 1997 the first "complete" version of my collection came out on the web. It then contained nearly 1400 tunes - the result of two years of converting from paper to computer (while simultaneously learning new tunes and transcribing them directly in ABC).
With the latest update from Thursday, my web ABC collection now contains 2315 Irish tunes and songs.

22 Dec 2016: Updated: 1001 reels!

Today I've updated my abc collection online.
2315 Irish tunes (1001 reels)
408 Swedish tunes
New category: Slow airs!
(http://norbeck.nu/abc/index2.asp?cat=i&sort=number&rhythm=slow+air )
And plenty of tunes added in the other categories.
And plenty of new variations and information on already existing tunes.
Please report any errors you find!

9 Feb 2016: Updated Collection and Added Sheet Music Display

I’ve just updated my ABC collection: Now there’s a total of 2180 tunes there.
I’ve also added the possibility of displaying individual tunes as sheet music, using abcjs to render them.

21 airs, 12 barn dances, 30 carolan tunes, 25 highlands and flings, 136 hornpipes, 469 jigs, 32 marches, 16 mazurkas, 129 polkas, 981 reels, 18 set dances, 95 slides and single jigs, 88 slip jigs and hop jigs, 100 songs, 17 strathspeys, 11 waltzes.

31 May 2015: Updated Collection - Now Songs Also

I've just updated my ABC collection with a bunch of new tunes, new settings, new information, new titles, etc. Now 2089 tunes and songs.

New in this update is that I’ve also added ABC’s for 62 songs, including the lyrics. http://norbeck.nu/abc/index2.asp?cat=i&sort=number&rhythm=song
Hope you find it useful!

If you find any errors in the web page or the tunes please inform me about them through mail or FaceBook. https://www.facebook.com/henrik.norbeck.abc.tunes/

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