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Banks of Sullane, The

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It was early on a bright summer's morning, as I strayed by the banks of Sullane
For to gaze on the beauties of nature, that grace every woodland and lawn
Oh the prospect was surely enchanting, as gay lassies in juvenile bloom
Promenaded by the banks of that river, that flows by the town of Macroom

I being airy and fond of recreation, to the river I ventured to rove
'Til weary of my ramblings and rovings, I sat myself down by a grove
I sat there a while meditating, 'til the sun her bright rays had withdrawn
And a damsel of queenly appearance, came down by the banks of Sullane

I arose with great joy and emotion, and accosted this damsel so fair
She appeared unto me like Venus, all adorned with jewels most rare
Were I ruler of France or of Prussia, it's with me you'd soon wear the crown
And I'd join you in wedlock my darling, you're the beauty of sweet Massey town

We walked and we talked on together, inhaling the sweet pleasant air
Until in a voice most alarmed, she said: "See my father goes there"
His presence to me was appalling, with his cross angry looks and his frown
Which pierced through my heart like an arrow, on my way back to sweet Massey town

And its now I've retired from my roving, with a heart full of sorrow and grief
There is no one on earth can console me, or give me one moment's relief
I will roam through the African Desert, until death summons me to my tomb
For the sake of that charming fair Helen, that I met near the town of Macroom

Discography: Arcady (Niamh Parsons)

History: See also The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, air#25

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