Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

There Was A Maid In Her Father's Garden

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There was a maid in her father's garden
a gentleman, being passing by
He stood a while and he gazed upon her
Saying: "Fair young lady, will you marry me?"

"I'm not a lady, but a poor girl
And a poor girl of low degree
So now, young man, choose another sweetheart
For I'm not fitting your maid to be."

"I have houses and I have lands
and I have money to set you free.
I'll make you a nice young lady
And you'll have servants to wait on thee."

"It's seven years since I had a sweetheart
And seven more since I did him see
Seven more I will wait upon him
And if he's alive, he'll come home to me."

"It's seven years since you had a sweetheart
And seven more since you did him see
Seven more you will wait upon him
Perhaps this young man you'll never see."

If he's sick, I wish him better
And if he's dead, I wish him rest
If he's alive, he will come home to me
For he's the young man that I love best."

He put his hand into his pocket
His lily-white fingers, being thin and small
And out between them he drew a gold ring
And when she saw it, down she did fall

He took her up all in his arms
And gave her kisses most tenderly
Saying, "I'm your true love, a single sailor
that came home from sea, love, to wed with thee"

"If you're my true love, a single sailor
Your face and features, seem strange to me
But seven years make great alterations
On the raging seas between you and me."

Discography: Dolores Keane

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