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Molly Brannigan

Pretty Molly Brannigan
Purty Molly Brannigan
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Man did you ever hear of purty Molly Brannigan?
She stole away my heart and I'll never be a man again.
There's not a spot on my hide will another summer tan again,
Since Molly's gone and left me all alone for to die.
Dee idle diddley dootle [etc]

There's a hole in my heart you could easy round a turnip in,
As big as any pavin' stone from Dublin to the Divil's den.
If she chose to take another sure she might have left mine back again,
And not to leave me here all alone for to die.
Dee howdle duddley dootle [etc]

Man dear I remember when milkin' time was past and gone,
We went into the meadows where she swore I was the only one
That ever she could love, but, oh, she proved to be the cruel one
And left me here lamentin' all alone for to die.
Dee idle diddley dum dowtle [etc]

Discography: Joe Holmes & Len Graham: Saints, Chaste Muses, Bards and Sages.
Celtic Mouth Music (Colm O'Donnell)

History: First part more free rhythm
See also reel#150

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