Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Thousands Are Sailing

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You brave Irish heroes, where'er you may be,
I pray stand a moment and listen to me.
Your sons and fair daughters are now going away,
And thousands are sailing to Amerikay.

So good luck to those people and safe may they land.
They're leaving their country for a far distant strand.
They're leaving old Ireland no longer can stay,
And thousands are sailing to Amerikay.

On the night before leaving, they are bidding goodbye,
And early next morning their hearts give a sigh.
They do kiss their mothers and then they will say:
"Farewell, dear old Father. We must now go away."

Their friends all do gather and the neighbours also.
When their trunks are all packed up and ready to go,
and the tears from their eyes they fall down like the rain,
when the horses are leaving all to part for the train.

When they reach the station you'll hear their last cry,
their handkerchiefs waving and bidding good-bye,
and the parents will tell them be sure for to write,
and they all watch the train till it goes out of sight.

When they reach the steamer just leaving the strand
They give one last good look at their own native land
and their hearts they are breaking for leaving the shore
and good-bye dear old Ireland shall I ne'er see you more.

I pity the mother who reared up a child
And likewise the father who labours and toils
He tries to support them, he works night and day
And when they are reared up sure they will go away.

Well good luck to those heroes and safe may they land.
They are leaving their homes for a far distant strand
and here in old Ireland no longer can stay
and thousands they are sailing to Amerikay.

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