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Érin Grá Mo Chroí

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At the setting of the sun, when my daily work was done,
I rambled by the seashore for a walk.
And I being all alone, I sat down upon a stone
For to gaze upon the scenery of New York.

Oh then Érin grá mo chroí you're the only land for me.
You're the fairest that my eyes did e'er behold.
You're the bright star of the west, the land Saint Patrick blessed.
You're the dear little isle so far away.

It broke my mother's heart the day that I did part.
Will I ever see my dear folks anymore?
Not until my bones are laid in the cold and silent grave,
In my own native land so far away.

It broke my mother's heart when from home I had to part.
Will I ever see my darling anymore?
Not until a judgement day when we both be far away,
In old Ireland far away o'er the foam.


The turf will burn bright on the hearths at home tonight.
And the snow-flakes will fall fast a winter's day.
Saint Patrick's Day will come, and the shamrock will be wore,
In my own, my native land far away.


On a cold, cold winter's night, with the turf fire burning bright
And the snowflakes falling on a winter's day
When St. Patrick's Day comes and the shamrocks will be worn
In the dear little isle so far away


Discography: Dervish
Colm O'Donnell

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