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Wild Rover, The

Wild Roving
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I've been a wild rover for many a long year
And I spent half my money drinking strong ale and beer,
Ah, but now for the future I will take better care,
In case that misfortune may come to my share.

Wild roving I'll give over, wild roving I'll give o'er,
And I never shall be called a wild rover no more.

I went into the alehouse where I used to resort
And I told the landlady that my money was short,
But when she heard my story these words she did say,
I can get many customers like you any day.


I put my hand in my pocket some money to find,
And I pulled out the full of my two hands five times,
When she saw I had money and money galore,
When she saw I had money she called me her stór,
And she said, I have liquor, and that of the best,
These words I have spoken were only in jest.


If I had all the money that I left in your care,
It would till all my land and my family rear,
It would thatch all my houses and build me a barn,
It would buy me a coat for to keep my back warm.


Discography: Usher's Island

History: Collected by Sean Corcoran from Mary Anne Carolan, Co. Louth
See also #51

See also song #51

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