Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Green Grows the Laurel

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I once had a true love but now he is gone,
He's gone and he's left me and I'm here all alone,
And since he has left me content I must be,
For I know he loves someone far better than me.

Green grows the laurel and soft falls the dew,
Sad was my heart when I parted from you,
But in our next meeting I hope you'll prove true,
Never change the green laurel for the red, white and blue.

I wrote him a letter both loving and kind,
He wrote me another in sharp bitter lines,
Saying "Keep your love letters and I will keep mine,
And you'll write to your love and I'll write to mine."


He passed by my window both early and late,
And the looks that he gave me would make your heart ache,
The looks that he gave me ten thousand would kill,
Wherever he wanders, he'll be my love still.


I once was as happy as the red blushing rose,
Now I am pale as the lily that grows,
Like the tree in the garden with its beauty all gone,
Can't you see what I've come to from the loving of one.

Discography: Dolores Keane

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