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Muirsheen Durkin

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In the days I went a courtin' I was never tired resorting,
To an ale-house or a playhouse and many's the house besides,
But I told me brother Seamus I'd go off and be right famous,
And I never would return again 'til I'd roamed the world wide.

Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin, I'm sick and tired of working,
No more I'll dig the praties, and no longer I'll be fooled,
As sure's me name is Carney, I'll be off to California,
Where instead of diggin' praties, I'll be diggin' lumps of gold.

I've courted girls in Blarney, in Kanturk and in Killarney,
In Passage and in Queenstown, that is the Cobh of Cork,
Goodbye to all this pleasure, I'll be off to take me leisure,
And the next time that you hear from me, will be a letter from New York.


Goodbye to the girls at home I'm going far across the foam,
To try and make me fortune in far Amerikay,
There's gold and jewels and plenty, for the poor and for the gentry,
And when I return again I never more will say.


Discography: The Dubliners

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