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When a Man's in Love

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When a man's in love he feels no cold, like me not long ago.
Like a hero bold to seek his girl, he'll plough through frost and snow.
The moon she gently shed her light, along my dreary way.
Until I arrived at that sweet spot, where all my treasure lay.

I rapped at my love's window saying, "My dear, are you within?"
And slowly she undid the latch, and slyly I stepped in.
Her hand was soft and her breat was sweet, her tongue did gently glide.
I slipped my arm around her waist, and I asked her to be my bride.

"Oh take me to your chamber love, oh take me to your bed.
Oh take me to your chamber love, for to rest my weary head."
"Oh to take you to my chamber love, my parents would never agree.
So sit you down by yon coal fire, and I'll sit close by thee."

"Many's the night I've courted you, against your parent's will.
But now our courtship is at a close, so it's now my dear sit still.
For tonight I'm going to cross the sea, to far Columbia's shore.
And you will never never see, your youthful lover more."

"Oh, it's are you going to leave me here, my dear what can I do?
I will break through every bond of home, and go along with you.
Perhaps my parents won't forget, but surely they'll forgive.
And it's from this hour my dearest dear, along with you I'll live."

Discography: Paddy Tunney

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