Henrik Norbeck's Song Lyrics

Farewell to Whisky

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Oh Johnnie, my man, do ye no think o' risin'?
For the day is weel spent and the night's comin' on
The siller's all done and the gill-stoup is empty
So rise up, my Johnnie, and come awa' hame

The bairnies at hame they are roarin' and greetin'
Nae meal in the barrel to fill their wee wames
While ye sit here drinkin', ye leave us lamentin'
So, rise up, my Johnnie, and come awa' hame

Wha's that at the door that are speakin' so kindly
'Tis the voice of my wee wifie, Maggie by name
Come in my dear lassie and sit doon beside me
It's time enough yet for to gang awa' hame

Oh Johnnie, my man, do ye no mind o' courtin'?
Nae alehoose nor tavern it ran in oor minds.
We'd spend the lang days 'mang the sweet scented roses
An ne'er gied a thought upon goin' awa' hame

'Tis well do I mind these times that ye speak o'
But those days they are gone and will ne'er come again
But as for the present, we'll try for to mend it
So gie's your haund Maggie, and I'll awa' hame

And Johnnie arose, and he banged the door open
Sayin' "Cursed be the tavern that ere let me in
And cursed be the whisky that made me aye thirsty
So fare thee well, whisky, for I'm awa' hame

Discography: Ashplant

History: Scottish

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