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Ramblin' Irishman

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I am a ramblin' Irishman
and I've travelled this wide world o'er
in search of an occupation
like so many done before.
I formed a resolution
and I thought it a very good plan
for to take a trip to Amerikay
as a rambling Irishman.

When I landed in Philadelphia
the girls all jumped for joy.
And one says to the other
"There goes an Irish boy."
They invited me for to dance with them
and they took me by the hand
And the toast went merrily round the room
"Long life to the Irishman!"

They took me to a big hotel
with them to spend the night.
The landlady's only daughter
in me took great delight.
She never took her eyes off me
as on the floor I stand.
And she whispers to her mother
"I'm in love with that Irishman."

Oh daughter dear, oh daughter,
what is this you are going to do?
To fall in love with an Irishman,
a man you never knew,
with a knapsack on his shoulder
and shillelagh in his hand.
Ah but mother dear I would roam the whole world
with that ramblin' Irishman.

And now that we are married
and we're settled down in life.
The landlady's only daughter
she is my wedded wife.
I'll toil for her and I'll labour for her
and I'll do the best I can,
and she'll never say she rued the day
that she married an Irishman.

Discography: Packie Byrne

History: see also #9

See also song #9

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