Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

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Titles beginning with C

Title Tune Type No. Key Incipit (first two bars)
Cacharpaya de Yotala waynu 13 Em |bb bb/aaa/ b>b|aa aa/gef/|
Cacharpaya del Indio waynu 4 Em |Be ed/ee/f g>g|f/ed/ BA/BB/e d>d|
Cadaneasca cadaneasca 4 Am |^gaea ^ga e2d|dccB cd eeB|
Cadaneasca cadaneasca 1 Aphr ^c |ABcd e2 ffd|cedc BA eeA|
Cadaneasca cadaneasca 2 Aphr ^c |cedc BA ccA|cedc BA eeA|
Cadaneasca dreapta can Dobrogea cadaneasca 3 Aphr ^c |ABcd e2 fed|cedc BA eee|
Corsican Waltz misc 10 Dm |a6|a2 eg fe|
Crested Hens, The bourree 3 Ddor |D2 DFED|A4 AB|