Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

Index by First Two Bars - Irish Tunes

Tune Type: March

Key Incipit (first two bars) Title Tune Type No.
Amix |A2 A2|A/B/A/G/ ED| Napoleon Crossing The Alps march 24
Ador |A2 B/c/d|e e2 d| Halting march, The march 11
Ador |A2A2 B>AG<A|B2A2 A2e>d| Cuilfhionn march 34
Ador |A2A2 B>AG<A|B2A2 A2e>d| Fingal's Cave march 34
Ador |A2A2 B>AG<A|B2A2 A2e>d| Fingal's Weeping march 34
Amix |A3B c2d2|efgf e2ed| Boys of Belfast, The march 13
Amix |AA ed/B/|AA gf/g/| Chanter's Song, The march 15
Amix |AA ed/B/|AA gf/g/| Chanter's Tune, The march 15
Amix |AA ed/B/|AA gf/g/| Song of the Chanter, The march 15
Ador |AG AB|e2 e/d/B/d/| Lord Mayo march 8
Ador |AG AB|e2 e/d/B/d/| Tiarna Mhaigh Eo march 8
Ador |cBA Aed|cBA Adc| Brian Boru's March march 4
Amix |e3d c2A2|e2A2 Bcd2| Grainne's Welcome Home march 25
Ador |e>def g2ge|d>cBA G2AB| Battle Cry Of Munster, The march 17
Ador |e>def g2ge|d>cBA G2AB| Rosc Catha Na Mumhan march 17
Ador |eA AB/d/|e/g/e/d/ Bd| Green Cockade, The march 6
Ador |eA AB/d/|e/g/e/d/ Bd| O'Neill's March march 6
Ador |EA AB/d/|ed cA| Battle of Aughrim, The march 7
Amix |EAAB c2d2|eged Bcd2| Behind the Ditch in Pairc Anna march 18
Amix |Ecc edd|fdd cAG| Allistrum's March march 27
Dmix |A2F A2D|A2F A2D| March of the Kings of Laois march 14
Dmix |A2F A2D|A2F A2D| Rory of the Hills march 14
D |BAG FED|FGF Fdc| Garryowen march 2
D |D2E F2A|BAF E2F| Mairseáil Uí Shúilleabháin march 35
D |D2E F2A|BAF E2F| O'Sullivan's March march 35
D |d3 d3|dcB ABc| Highland March from Oscar and Malvina march 21
D |d3 d3|dcB ABc| Leslie's March march 21
Dmix |DD AG/E/|DD cB/c/| Chanter's Song, The march 10
Dmix |DD AG/E/|DD cB/c/| Chanter's Tune, The march 10
Dmix |DD AG/E/|DD cB/c/| Song of the Chanter, The march 10
D |Fdd fee|fdB BAG| Alaisdrum's March march 19
D |Fdd fee|fdB BAG| Allistrum's March march 19
D |FEE FDD|FEd dBA| MacDonnell's March march 1
D |FEE FDD|FEd dBA| O'Donnell's March march 1
Edor |B/A/G/F/ E/F/G/A/|B/A/G/F/ E>B| Return from Fingal, The march 9
Edor |B3c B2AF|B2E2 E2 (3FGA| Rose In The Gap, The march 23
Edor |Bg fa|eg g/f/e/d/| O'Neill's March march 5
Edor |ee E>F|G/F/G/A/ B/A/B/c/| Old Grey Cat, The march 22
Em |G2B A2B|G2B F2E| Mummer's March march 33
G |ABG AGF|G2g fdc| Alasdruim's March march 28
G |ABG AGF|G2g fdc| Máirseáil Alasdruim march 28
G |B2B>B dBAG|B2B>B dBAG| Eagle's Whistle, The march 16
G |BB c/B/A/G/|BB Bg/e/| Highland Laddie march 31
G |BB c/B/A/G/|BB Bg/e/| White Cockade, The march 31
G |BGD BGD|d3 d2c| Parnell's March march 30
G |DG BB/B/|cA B2| Banks of the Quay, The march 29
G |egg eaa|egg ged| Allistrum's March march 26
G |G3 GBd|gfe dBG| Saint Patrick's Day march 3
G |GAG B2B|ABA c3| Lilibullero march 32
G |GAG B2B|ABA c3| Lilli Bullero march 32
G |GAG B2B|ABA c3| Lillibullero march 32
G |GAG B2B|ABA c3| Lilly Bolero march 32
G |GAG B2B|ABA c3| Lily Bolero march 32
G |GBA ABd|edB A2D| O'Sullivan's March march 20
G |Gd Bd|G>G Ge| Crucaharan Cross march 12