Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

Index by First Two Bars - Irish Tunes

Tune Type: Jig

Key: Gdor
Key Incipit (first two bars) Title Tune Type No.
Gdor |B3 Bcd|c2A ABc| Bunch of Roses, The jig 371
Gdor |DGA B2c|cBc d2g| Paddy Fahey's Jig jig 309
Gdor |DGA B2c|cBc d2g| Paddy Fahy's Jig jig 309
Gdor |G2A BAG|AGF GFD| Limerick Tinker, The jig 294
Gdor |GFD DCD|GAc d3| Seanamhac Tube Station jig 423