Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes

Index by First Two Bars - Irish Tunes

Tune Type: Jig

Key: A
Key Incipit (first two bars) Title Tune Type No.
A |A2A BAB|cAF FEF| Haunted House, The jig 347
A |A2A BAB|cAF FEF| Maguire's jig 347
A |A3 ABc|BcA Bce| Sean Coghlan's Kesh jig 328
A |A3 cee|fec ecB| Jackson's jig 465
A |A3 cee|fec ecB| Jackson's Bottle of Brandy jig 465
A |a3 faa|fee c2B| Skylark's Ascension, The jig 471
A |Ace ecA|edc cBc| Bonawe Highlanders, The jig 435
A |aed cdB|Ace aga| Handsome Young Maidens, The jig 360
A |age dBe|ABA c2d| Amhran an Tae jig 143
A |age dBe|ABA c2d| Coolea Jig, The jig 143
A |age dBe|ABA c2d| Cuil Aodha Jig jig 143
A |agf efg|aed cBA| Rosewood, The jig 55
A |c2B cAA|eAA cBA| Mrs. Galvin's jig 483
A |c2c cBA|cee ecA| Eavesdropper, The jig 155
A |c2e fec|ecA BAF| Bye a While jig 454
A |c3 cde|dcA F2A| Mouse In The Kitchen, The jig 405
A |c3 ece|d3 =gfe| Clumsy Lover, The jig 211
A |c3 efa|fec ecB| Killeigh Abbey jig 289
A |cAF FEC|EAc ecA| Buttermilk Mary jig 114
A |cBA eAA|fAA eAA| John McKenna's jig 213
A |cBA eAA|fAA eAA| Judy Callahan's jig 213
A |ceA ceA|aga fed| Hennigan's jig 464
A |ceA ceA|aga fed| Hennigan's Favourite jig 464
A |e3 ecA|ecA Bcd| Atholl Highlanders, The jig 130
A |E3 EFA|B3 Bce| Stan Chapman's jig 431
A |EAA cAA|eAA cAA| An Buachaillín Buidhe jig 398
A |EAA cAA|eAA cAA| Paddy the Dandy jig 398
A |EAA cAA|eAA cee| Paddy the Dandy jig 33
A |EAA cAA|eAA cee| Ship in Full Sail, The jig 33
A |eAA edc|eAA eaf| Mysteries of Knock, The jig 322
A |eaa faa|eae fec| Rory Gallagher jig 425
A |eaa faa|eae fec| Rory Gallagher's Jig jig 425
A |EAc e2f|ecA a2f| Biddy the Bold jig 426
A |EAc e2f|ecA a2f| Biddy the Bold Wife jig 426
A |EAc EAd|EAc BAF| Paidin O'Raifearta's jig 273
A |ecA BAF|AFE EFA| Health to the Ladies, A jig 334
A |ecA BAF|AFE EFA| Sweet Biddy Daly jig 334
A |ecA c3|ecA B3| Traver's Jig jig 340
A |ecB A3|c3 cBA| Peggy's Nettles jig 443
A |Ecc cBA|cec B2c| Out on the Ocean jig 339
A |Ecc Edd|c3 cBA| no name jig 274
A |ECE E2A|FEC E2e| Rambler, The jig 203
A |efe dcd|e2e Acd| Muineira de Casu jig 403