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See also waltz #10

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C:Bob McQuillen (1923-2014), New Hampshire, USA
H:Danish band La Bastringue play it in a set together with waltz#10, and then
H:Marco Pollier made those into one four part tune for his recording.
D:La Bastringue
D:Marco Pollier: Ebony & Brass
|: D | E G3-G D | ED EF GA | B d3-d e | d4 BA |
G2 GF GB | d4 BA | B3 c/B/ AG | E4-E D |
E G3-G D | ED EF GA | B2 d2 de | d3 G (3Bcd |
e2 g2 fe | d4 BA | GB A3 G |1 G4z :|2 G2 B2 d2 ||
|: g3 gag | e2 d3 g | e2 d3 e | d3 c (3Bcd |
g3 bag | e2 dg dg | ed GA (3Bcd | A2 G2 E2 |
D2 E2 G2 | A2 G2 A2 | B2 d3 e | d3 G (3Bcd |
e2 g2 fe | d4 BA | GB A3 G |1 G2 B2 d2 :|2 G3 ||

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