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See also reel #143

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T:Cat that Kittled in Jamie's Wig, The
T:Miss Lyall
H:Francie Byrne plays first version with quarter-tones, which are not notated here.
H:Also played with doubled parts.
H:See also reel#143 "Paddy Ryan's Dream"
D:The Brass Fiddle (Francie Byrne)
Bc>B | A<A,A,>B, C>DE>F | G>G{A}G>F G>cB>c | A<A,A,>B, C>D (3Bcd | (3efe (3dcB A>Bc>B |
A<A,A,>B, C>DE>F | G>DB,>D G>Bc>d | (3efe (3dcB c>AB>G | E<AA>G A>B^c>d ||
e<aa>^g e>f=g>d | e<aa>f g>ef>d | e<aa>^g e>f=g>f | (3efe (3d=cB c>AB>G |
e<aa>^g e>f=g>d | e<aa>f g>fg>a | (3bc'b (3agf g>ef>d | (3efe (3d=cB A ||
Bc>B | A<A,A,>B, C>DE>F | G>G (3AGF G>Bc>B | A<A,A,>B, C>DE>B | (3cBA (3BAG A>Bc>B |
A<A,A,>B, C>DE>F | G>G (3AGF G>Bc>d | (3edc (3dcB c>AB>G | E<AA>G A>Bc>d ||
e<aa>f g>fg>d | e<aa>f g2f>g | e<aa>f g>fg>d | (3efe (3dcB A>Bc>d |
e<aa>f g>fg>d | e<aa>f g>fg>a | (3bag (3agf g>ef>d | (3efe (3dcB A ||

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