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T:Hardiman the Fiddler
R:slip jig
D:Paul O'Shaughnessy & Paul McGrattan: Within a Mile from Dublin
~A2G FDE ~F2G | ~A3 AGA cAG | ~A2G FDE ~F2G | Add ded cAG :|
|: Add d2e ~f3 | Add ded cAG |1 Add d2e ~f2g | agf ged cAG :|2 dcA d2e f2g | agf ged cAG ||
P:Donegal version
|: A2G FDE F2G | A2G E2d cAG | A2G FDE FEF | Ddd efd cAG :|
|: Add dcA fAg | Add dfd cAG | Add dcA fef | gag fed cAG :|

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