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See also hop jig #12, slide #112

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T:My Mind Will Never Be Easy
R:slip jig
H:Originally (?) Scottish: "Woo'd And Merrit An' A'"
H:See also "The Exile's Jig", hop jig#12
H:See also "Didn't She Dance and Dance", slide#112
B:A version in Roche collection (no. 266) as "The New Widow Well Married"
D:Michael McGoldrick: Morning Rory
D:Dervish: Playing with Fire
gf|:edB BAB G2A|Bdd deB dgf|edB BAB G2A|1 Bde efd egf:|2 Bde efd edB||
|:def g2g fed|Bdd deB d2B|1 def g2g fed|Bde efd edB:|2 deg age dBA|Bee efd e||
gf|:edB B2A ~G3|~B3 deB dgf|edB B2A G2A|1 ~B3 efd egf:|2 Bee efd edB||
|:def gaf g2d|Bdd deB d2B|1 def ~g3 fed|B2e efd edB:|2 deg age dBA|Bde efd e||

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