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See also hop jig #6

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T:Rocky Road to Dublin, The
R:slip jig
H:See also hop jig#6
D:Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy: The Wind among the Reeds.
D:Seamus Ennis: The Pure Drop
efe d2B A2G|E2A A3 B2d|efe d2B A2c|B2G G2G Bcd|
efe d2B A2G|E2A A3 B2d|efg fga g2e|d2B G2A B2d:|
|:e2a a2f g3|e2a a2A Bcd|e2a a2f g2e|d2B G2A Bcd|
e2a a2f g3|e2a a2e g2a|a2g a2f g2e|d2B G2A Bcd:|
|:efe d2B c2A|e2A c2A Bcd|efe d2B c2A|B2G G2G B2d|
efe d2B c2A|e2A c2A Bcd|efg fga g2e|d2B G2A Bcd:|

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