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T:If I Had a Wife
T:Dennis Murphy's
T:Nellie Mahony's
T:Art O'Keeffe's
D:Chieftains: Live
A|:BAA A2d|edd d2B|AGA B2A|G3 G2A|
BAA A2d|edd d2B|AGA B2A|1 G3 G2A:|2 G3 gfe||
|:d2g geg|age dBd|e2a aba|g2a bge|
d2g geg|age dBd|efg aba|1 g3 gfe:|2 g3 g2||
P:Version of 1st part
A|:B2A ABd|e2d d2B|AGA B2A|G3 G2A|
~B3 ABd|e2d d2B|AGA B2A|1 G3 G2A:|2 G3 gfe||
W:If I had a wife, the plague of my life, I'll tell you what I would do:
W:I'd buy her a boat, and put her afloat, and paddle my own canoe.

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